Sunday, 17 August 2014

what's new, pussycats?

Last weekend I was at the festival of quilts in Birmingham. It was a busy, tiring, and long few days selling subscriptions and magazines for Quilt Now, but it was a great experience and there were so many positive comments about the mag that I felt pretty fab. I got the impression from a few people since I got the job that I was employed as a face to front the mag, but that someone else did all actual editing type of work. (To be fair, I would probably have thought the same thing, I have no experience after all). Truth is - it's me. I commission the projects, I sort out the layout (as in where stuff goes in the mag), I do have help with the spreadsheets and stuff because I am useless with those, the look and the feel is down to me as well as my art editor, Denise, and our photographer, Rachel. We're on it together. It's been a tough learning curve, I've had to learn the job fast and I'll probably make mistakes. I don't fully understand the production schedule yet, but that'll come. But in short - what you see with Quilt Now is down to me, it's my baby. If you like it, yay, thank you. If you don't, I'll take it personally (but it's ok, I'll just like you a little less).
So, to everyone that came last weekend and said hi - thank you. For all the lovely things you said, thank you a million times. I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me! Seriously, it was fantastic and it made my heart burst with pride. Denise, the art editor, came along for one day and she absolutely loved how positive and complimentary people were.

But now, on to fabric....

Pink Castle Fabrics have Priory Square on pre-order. That's my fabric (oh heck, it's been a busy few months - you have no idea how tired I am right now!) (as I'm typing this that link isn't working...hopefully it'll be sorted in a little while, maybe they're down for some server work)

Fat Quarter Shop have the new line by Frances Newcombe in stock, Cherie. Love this collection so so so much!

Newly arrived at Contemporary Cloth is Winged by Bonnie Christine. This butterfly print is my favourite of all the collection, I love it. I might have to sneak some of this in with my fabrics in a quilt....

Dreamin Vintage is in stock at Sew Me A Song . I got this bundle recently but I love it too much to cut into it yet!

Bobbie Lou's have a ton of Art Gallery Fabrics in store

This print from Safari Moon is one of my favourites from the year. it's such a great blue

This super useful bundle of minimalista is on sale at cuts of cotton

Hopping across the pond to the village haberdashery and indelible by Katarine Roccella is in stock now. You need this in your life.

Backstitch has a great selection of patterns, I'd like someone to make me these shorts in my sunday clippings print for market (please) 

I'm planning on making this date night dress out of the sunday clippings voile too. (from Fabric HQ)

Simply Solids recently started stocking some Art Gallery Fabrics. They're going to stock my fabric too...Justine is my best friend, so she didn't really have any choice to be quite honest.

I got a little over excited by Art Gallery Fabrics there didn't I? Other fabrics do exist.....

Elephant in my Handbag has Rustique by Emily Herrick for Michael Miller, which I love.

At plush addict Woodwinked from Dear Stella is in stock

And I think that's it! Next week I will be away again - I'm going on holiday, and believe me, after the year we've had we need a break. I am hoping to be completely internet free, although I may lurk about on instagram documenting my tan progress.

Issue 2 of Quilt Now is all done, it's going to come out while I'm away. It'll be in shops on August 28th, so keep an eye out for it and buy it, so I keep my job. Thanks.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Glad you had fun at the festival! Enjoy your well deserved holiday :) xx

Lynz said...

I have tried all the quilt mags and don't particularly like any of them - I'm not sure why. But I really, REALLY enjoyed Quilt Now! I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I like so much - I think it's probably as nascent as the tone. And that's down to you!! Bravo, missus.

P.S. And, yes, Priory Square is lovely!! I'd be so smug if it was mine! And I must get some of that collage Indelible print. It'd make amazeballs cushions...

Auntie Pami said...

Have a lovely holiday. You so deserve it. If you go to Palma have fun for me. I miss it.

Anita said...

I am anxiously awaiting my first issue of Quilt Now from Pink Castle. Fingers crossed that it comes in this week. :)

Katy Cameron said...

Have a great holiday!

mascanlon said...

ack...can't tell if I already commented or if it got lost before posting. Anyhow, love the magazine and I managed to order yds and yds of Priory Square, didn't want to miss it! Enjoy your holiday, what a year its been for you and yours.

Jo Jo said...

Enjoy your holiday, it's well deserved. A belated congratulations on your collection too!

patty a. said...

You need help with the shorts? Let me know and I can lend you a hand.

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