Wednesday, 13 August 2014

indelible - the blog hop

So you will have heard by now that I'm the newest member of the Art Gallery Fabrics family (I'm writing this post from before the fabrics have been announced, so I'm hoping the response is a good one!) and when my fellow AGF sister, Nina (Katarina Roccella) asked if I would make something for her blog hop I was (of course) honoured.

Things have been quite crazy busy around these parts, so my quilt isn't finished (although Trudi will do an awesome job of it, I know, far better than anything I could ever do!) so you just get to see the top today and hopefully the finished quilt soon.

Indelible is a beautiful collection, it's modern, it's graphic, and Nina designs so beautifully. She has an amazing talent. I also think her European blood makes her a little different to the rest of the AGF family, so she's a great addition.
The prints are perfect for man quilts as well as lady quilts - they have a fantastic masculine edge to them, even the florals.

So, I made a simple quilt using basic math and used the prints from indelible with some co-ordinating solids. One big block that would be made up in a number of ways. It was great to use up every last scrap of fabric in this way too - I have some strips for binding left over and also some pieces that I will (maybe) add to the back. This is about as close as I get to improv!

I pieced it with aurifil 2615 in a 50 weight, which is the one thread I use the most of. Maybe I use it too much, but it's perfect for piecing and it's perfect for quilting that is subtle and hidden too, so I doubt I'll stop using that colour any time soon. There is a co-ordinating thread collection from Aurifil to go with the indelible fabrics. Fat Quarter Shop has it in stock right now!

It's been glorious sunshine here recently, but typically, the day I wanted to do photos it rained, so I had to improvise and take them inside instead *sigh*

Check out Nina's round up posts on her blog for all the other gorgeous creations using Indelible and go buy it - you'll love it! (the look book is amazing - check that out too!)


Sharon said...

Beautiful! I think this line would go great with Moda's Grunge! We don't mind mixing fabric lines, do we?

Carla said...

Hi Katy. First off congrats on your new venture. You rock! I just got me some Indelible. Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing your quilt done

margaret said...

congrats on your fabric Katie, I got a peek on instagram yesterday Justine has shared it on simply solids

Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

It's such an awesome range!

Karen Gamble said...

Beautiful range I hope to get my hands on soon! And yes spotted your new collection which I also want to gain my hands on, cant wait. Kx

Katarina said...

Yay-love being your fabric sister, that sounds so cool!!! And thank you so much for participating and doing this wonderful quilt!!!
xo, Nina

Katy Cameron said...

Oh I loved that booth at Market (and the bundle I managed to snag!)

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