Monday, 4 August 2014

Fat Quarter Shop - nail polish mini quilt

Fat Quarter Shop have another free (and fun) pattern/video tutorial, it's the Nail Polish Quilt.

Inspired by Kimberly's love for a certain shade of OPI nail polish, it's pieced regular way, not foundation pieced and it's just straight lines. So cute, and really fun.

I made mine using a mix of RJR cotton supreme solids and Timeless Treasures soho solids, with a little bit of timeless treasures sketch for the lid of the polish. It's cerise pink because that's what's on my toes right now!

I quilted it with Aurifil 50 wt in 2600, which is one of the threads in the new Fat Quarter Shop thread collection (which Kimberly so generously sent me recently, and I've been using like crazy. It's so good to have all the threads you use the most in one place, it actually encourages you to swap out threads...if, like me, you can be lazy)

Once I'd finished this mini I thought, wouldn't it be fun to have a whole quilt of different colour nail polishes? You could use some metallic fabrics too to add a bit of glitter! I can imagine a lot of little girly girls (and not so little girly girls...I'm thinking of my friend Pippa in particular) who'd love a nail polish quilt. I'll add it to the list of things I need to make one of these days. You know, when the days get longer and I have more time to actually sew stuff on my wish list.

I also completely machine stitched the binding on as well, which I'm not as keen on because I'm not great at it. I do prefer it when it's done the Pat Sloan way of finishing on the front rather than the back though. She has a tute for how she does her binding on her blog, and hers always looks great because she uses a blanket stitch to finish it. I used a straight stitch because I was rushing a little, it was time to make lunch for Ginge and he was getting restless. It's not bad, and actually looks better in real life, the quilt is swaying a bit in the pics!

You can find the pattern here, the video here and there's a kit too! I just love this little mini quilt - it's hanging on my wall and taunting me to make some more. Right now I have pink glitter nails, so I'm really tempted to use some cotton + steel  to make one that matches! This could so easily get addictive!

Go make one - it'll make you smile, I promise! (and if it doesn't then you're maybe a little bit grinchy and maybe you should go get a mani to make you smile a bit...just sayin')


QuiltCandy said...

This is really cute! Yes isn't there a whole host of possibilities with the nail varnish colour...metallic fabrics would be fab!

Quiltjane said...

Katy, your mini is so cute! Hot Pink is such a luscious nail colour.

Henry's Shed said...

Ooh! pretty! My brain is now trying to figure out a way of using this to make some kind of bag for ALL my teenager's nail polishes!!
Karen x

Pippa Parsons said...

Lol I saw this and thought Amelia and I need these in our lives. Am tempted to start one if I can find my glitter :)

Carla said...

Adorable. Wouldn't that be the best gift ever for my manicurist?

PatSloan said...

Awesome! And thank you for sharing my tutorial!

Katy Cameron said...

A sparkly one of these would be awesome!

Ella and Nesta said...

Love that shade of pink and the diagonal quilting! Thanks for the binding tip, will put it to good use.

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